Friday, 2 December 2011

Friday 2nd December 2011 - Saturday 3rd December 2011

I never know what date to put on a night shift.When your writing about the day gone not coming!
2.41am 5hours to go!

The "fairies" have been and doesn't it just put you in a great mood, smelling the tree (oh I love that smell), been extra tidy; because santas watching so things have to be tidy (I need my fossil bag!) the excitement in the air, writing letters, telling stories, visiting the man himself ! Maddie stood for 20mins getting herself more and more worked up waiting yesterday to see Santa, she's such a worrier, she panicked every time the door opened then after the 100th "I don't want to go in" the door opens and sheer panic set in she ran but the wrong way straight in to see him! I sat Dexter on the stool with Santa and Maddie stood in the far corner, then out of no-where "I want a baby that cries and a flashing yo-yo, Dexi wants a guitar blue I think" as confident as ever. She chatted away like she knew him and left with such a proud look on her face, knowing 'HE KNEW!' she wanted to save her present until we reached the car, with pure excitement on her face she unwrapped her gift hoping she'd said enough and absolute disappointment washed over her face while using the saddest voice I've ever heard " All I asked for was a baby that cry's and look what he gave me, A RAINDEER!!!!" I didn't know what to say, after only just hearing another mother call her child ungrateful I just laughed. She's three, how to explain we had another 3wks to go before he brings your 'real' presents and this was an extra one, but she loves her raindeer now so win win !!!

Tomorrow is going to be fun, my wonderful 'hobby' is going to be on show (literally) we're performing at the theatre! The Zumba Bradford Belles are hitting the big time! We did a run through in front of maybe 35 people at a school on Thursday and I've never laughed as much in my life. I'm on the end so had the view of the whole right hand side and a drum kit placed perfectly right in my spot! So not only did I have to concentrate on getting "The Mother" right I now had to negotiate the drum kit and random guitars placed carefully around ! Who knew 'me' time twice a week would lead to being on stage again ! (I danced for 15yrs before I had my children so you'd think I'd be used to it) Actually I can't even call it me time the 1st seven months Dexter came now the last seven maddies been, with my rehearsals for the 'belles' I must say I've got away with the last few weeks as they do run a little late, every night I get the usual "Are we going to Zumba mummy?" "not tonight my love" "oh is it a late one" she says in a very grown up voice. Fingers crossed for tomorrow and even if it all goes belly up I know we'll have fun anyway !!!

How can I write a post for an hour !

Bye for now x

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