Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wednesday 30th November 2011

The fairies are coming tomorrow!

I'm so excited I love Christmas, I can't wait! Dexters now old enough to open his presents and Maddie now understand what's happening.

Things are going well on the writing front, I'm itching to write another series but I need to concentrate on these, but when 'your job's done' and I have to sit around waiting for others to do their bit it's difficult.

We have coloured characters now so backgrounds are next on the list. Who new there were so many styles of "colouring in". I've had a million to choose from then the one I picked there were a million more in the same style, but I think we got there and I love them more now, they look so real. How Russell did it I've no idea, trying to draw not what he see's but what I'm seeing must be so hard especially as I'm so picky! I got a good one!

Again it's Wednesday so I have to spend the afternoon in the office (aka the loft coffee house) to do some updates and brainstorming with my PA, oh it's hard work!

Speak soon x

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