Sunday, 6 November 2011

Ooops 7th November 2011

Ohhh noooo my NaBloPoMo didn't go too well, blog number two, 28mins late !!!! Are nights classed as an excuse ????
Any who it sounds a fun challenge so I shall carry on regardless !

Anyone who knows me knows George (asda) is about as far as my designer labels go, but after my wonderful girl broke my purse, and searching frantically for one whilst on holiday to the lakes I refused to pay £8! But after falling in love with one at £44 (fossil) I'm now obsessed with it and after researching fossil purses the prices are going up but I can't control myself it's 00.33 now and (thanks to my purse obsession that's why I'm late blogging) I've found a bag and created a whole new wardrobe ! What's happening sleep deprivation has changed me, I no longer want cheap and cheerful, but bankrupting seems the only way to go ! Ahhhh I need help !


  1. (Evan Hallam)

    You know... you could come here and buy up a bunch of fossil purses. We have fossil stores all over in the malls. They cost the same in $ as £ by NUMBER, not VALUE. A quick check on the first purse on their website says it costs £198 in the UK, or $198 in the US. $198 is about £124. Just bring an extra suitcase with you. Boxes of Lucky Charms are less than £2 here, take those with you too.