Sunday, 16 October 2011

16 th october 2011, nope now 17th october 2011 !

I can not sleep with all the new ideas whizzing around my head ! I had to get them down on paper so thought, "seen as I'm up, why not blog!"
I've been speaking to some truly inspirational people since i started building my portfolio, I am so grateful to even get to read about them in general, let alone to talk to them personally. This wonderful journey I'm on, is beyond my expectations, I thought (and still do slightly) I'd be out of my depth, I'm not at all a social person, to be quite honest the thought of chatting to a stranger scares the living daylights out of me, but somehow when the topic is something your passionate about, the words just flow!
I feel I've just taken control of my life (and myself) and started to actually believe "I can do this!", and what a great feeling!
I've always enjoyed my life, even the horrible bits, because lets face it, life's a lesson, so until you learn from it and make the best out of it, things will keep coming to bite you on the bum! I used to say "I know he's trying to teach me something, because things don't seem to be changing, but i'm sick of this lesson now." but obviously I never got it, but i do now and that's where my trademark for my books came from, "Building Memories" because lifes about making good of whatever you have, you might not have alot or go many places but its what you do with your life that makes it and you who you are.
My daughter doesn't remember a thing a bought her through the years, all the toys you think they HAVE to have, but she remembers every tiny bit of infomation of the things we did together, from staying in a cheap B&B, playing silly games and staying up late to just snuggling in bed watching tv.

My children have the world, its just not material.

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